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Libya Under Gaddafi Was a Great Place to Live - here us why

It is obvious that Gaddafi was a dictator, However, he also had a big heart for his country which is skipped by the world. even though the citizens did not have the freedom of voting but Gaddafi made sure they had a high standard of living to compensate for curtailed freedoms. Was this enough? That is a moot point but the fact remains: Libya was a great place to stay under Gaddafi.

Below are some of the reasons why Libya Under Gaddafi Was a Great Place to Live:

Having a home was considered a human right

It is clearly written in Gadhafi’s Green Book (A Green Book is a short book setting out the political philosophy of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The book was first published in 1975. It was "intended to be required reading for all Libyans.) that “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others.”

People had enough food

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) confirmed that undernourishment was less than 5% with a daily calorie intake of 3144. This was one “oppressor” whose subjects had enough. With the Great Man-Made River Project, Gaddafi was securing an even brighter agricultural future to feed his nation. Pessimists can be claimed he was feeding citizens for the slaughter.

Privatization of all Libyan oil to every citizen 

On February 2011, Gaddafi launched a programme to privatize all Libyan oil to every citizen of Libya. This would initially provide $21,000 to every citizen from a total of $32 billion in 2011 and effectively lead to the dissolution of the ministries of health, education and others to eliminate corruption, theft of oil by foreign companies and to decentralize power.

The price of petrol was $0,14 per liter  

Staveley Head, a UK-based provider of insurance products compiled a list of countries with the lowest petrol prices in the world. China.org.cn reported the listing which put Libya at third position with its low $0,14.

Libya had no external debt and had reserves of $150 bn most of which were frozen globally

Libya was a well-endowed state. To put this into perspective, the self-acclaimed champion of democracy and capitalism, the USA has a debt of over $18 trillion. Libya had none.

Education and medical were free

What? Yes, it was Free. Under Gaddafi, education and health care were free for all. A response to this claim by Masareef Edareeya, a Libyan citizen claimed the quality of education and health was appalling but that does nothing to the fact that it was free. No system is perfect but most are imperfect and still expensive. Gaddafi made sure his system was subsidized and even Mercy Corps attested to the fact in its Beyond Gaddafi: Libya’s Governance Context. That is more than the so-called “democratic leaders” can say for their countries.

Newlyweds receives U.S $50,000 from the government

This is interesting, Yea. Gaddafi’s government had legislation providing for a grant to newlyweds to buy their first apartment so as to help start a family. Claims are that the process was boring and bureaucratic to the extent that not many people bothered to follow it through but the $50,000 was there if one followed through. Again Mercy Corps confirmed Gaddafi provided housing for newlyweds. Criticizing the grant on grounds of tedious processes is a vindictive trial at attacking every good Gaddafi stood for. It is a personal attack rather than an attack on policy.


Finally, was Gaddafi a dictator? Yes. Did he violate the human rights of some citizens? Yes, However, he also had a heart for his country and the world conveniently skips that part every time. How one man could be such a paradoxical figure is a wonder.

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